22 December 2012

Nine Atlantic puffins

Who here have watched Happy Feet 2? Raise your feet! Do you know the character named Mighty Sven? He told everyone that he's the God-like penguin because he's the only one that can fly but in reality, he's actually a puffin.

Photo by José Azel

Fratercula arctica is the only species found in the Atlantic and thus commonly called Atlantic puffin. Their coloring is similar to that of a penguin but don't be fooled because their beak give them away. The bright orange bill only blooms in color during mating season, it is gray during the rest of the year. They live most of their lives at sea, and go in land during breeding season, in rocky cliff tops. At sea, they practice plunge diving by using their wings to stroke across and flapping their webbed feet. They feed on Benthosema glaciale and Mallotus villosus, both are small bony fishes.

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