The SeaLifeBase Project aims to provide an up-to-date coverage of marine metazoan species. While we still have a long way to go, one of the ways we ensure the integrity of our data is through our collaborators.

WHAT is a "SeaLifeBase collaborator," and WHO can be one?

In a nutshell, SeaLifeBase collaborators are the people who help us by: a) sending or alerting us to references which we have not yet used; b) assembling data from published sources using a preformatted template; and/or c) verifying or correcting data that we have extracted and incorporated into the information system.  Some of them are -- but not limited to -- biologists, taxonomists, scientists, and other experts.  Some are aquarists, photographers, businessmen, and marine-life enthusiasts.  Truly, we welcome contributions from anybody who has a passion for marine life.

HOW can I be a collaborator?

SeaLifeBase holds a variety of information, thus there are many ways to be a collaborator.  It can be as easy as sending us:

  • published materials (hard or soft format) on the group of species of your expertise;
  • data in a table or in Excel format (for example: local names of species in your country); or
  • photos of identified species (for photo collaboration).

One can also be a collaborator by correcting or verifying data as published in our website.

Am I credited for my work?

Absolutely yes! We use your publications as the main reference of the information.  More importantly, we give credit to our collaborators by putting their name as the one who 'entered' or ‘checked’ the information and advertise their contribution thru our collaborator page.

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So, if you are a marine life enthusiast and you think that you can be a SeaLifeBase collaborator, please send us an email and we will get back to you with some suggestions on how you can start.

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