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FishBase and SeaLifeBase are free global and public resources on all fish species and marine organisms of the world.

FishBase and SeaLifeBase are developed as a decision-support information system for natural aquatic resource management, both for conservation of the aquatic biodiversity and the exploitation of fish resources, in the framework of sustainable development.

Decision-makers, managers, and students from developing countries are the first targeted users as FishBase makes available easily and freely high quality scientific information that is otherwise published in expensive books and journals. FishBase has over 1,000 citations in the primary literature and is considered a role model for biodiversity information systems, catering both to scientists and lay persons.

To continue its mission, FishBase and SeaLifeBase need help from its regular users, preferably through inclusion in research projects, but also through paid services, sponsorships, donations or co-authorships. Contact for more information about partnerships and services.


Donations help us first and foremost to pay the salaries of the very efficient and committed team of 20 persons in the Philippines. Most of them have worked in the team for more than 10 years. Training new young people in our continuing effort under the supervision of senior members will allow delivering more accurate and validated information keeping at the same time the programming and encoding capacity.

With your support, we will be able to persevere in delivering high quality scientific information to support sustainable development initiatives which promotes a balance between the exploitation of fish stocks (for food and ornamental purposes), and conservation of fish populations without the worry of time and budget constraints.


Donations can be made through bank deposit, Paypal and cheque by mail. Click here for more details.

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