17 December 2012

Four nudibranchs

Photos by: Deng Palomares and Nicolas Bailly
Edited by: Jeniffer Espedido
Nudibranchs are colorful and soft-bodied marine mollusks belonging to the order Nudibranchia. It is found at different depths of the ocean but are common in warm shallow waters. There are around 3,000 species of nudibranchs worldwide and still counting as new species are discovered. They come in different colors, from dull to bright colors.

Biological information for each nudibranch in the picture may be viewed in our website (from left to right: Chromodoris willaniPhyllidiella pustulosaGlossodoris atromarginataChromodoris annae). 

Inspired by: 12 Planktons of Christmas by Michele Collet
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