24 August 2012

Those slimy stuff on the beach?

If you have been to the beach, surely you would have seen some slimy stuff along the shore. Like this:


These are benthic algae, more commonly known as "seaweed". It has a variety of uses including food, medicine, and fuel. But do you know that this mess can be turned into art?

Introducing Seaweed Art:

Green seaweed from the genus Ulva, also known as 'sea lettuce'.

Nature artist Beth Shady of California, USA gather seaweed along the coast of Monterey Bay, process it into collages, and prints the images to make greeting cards and note cards. Pretty neat, eh?

Delesseria decipiens, Polyneura latissima, Palmaria mollis and Chondracanthus canalculatus

Chondracanthus exasperatus, commonly known as Turkish towel.

Visit Seaweed Art to know more about the art of pressing seaweed or to contact the artist. Enjoy!

Written by:
Lealde Pacres-Urriquia
Research Assistant
The SeaLifeBase Project

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