30 August 2012

Philippine fisheries and Daniel Pauly in Oceana Magazine

Oceana recently released their Summer 2012 magazine.

The Small Sanctuary Approach

Read the article at pages 8- 11.

Good coastal fisheries stewardship, combined with national policies on quotas, habitat and bycatch, can alleviate poverty.

The status of the marine protected areas, condition of the coastal communities, and municipal fisheries of the Philippines are featured. Find out how commercial fisheries are classified as artisanal fishing in the Philippines.

Ask Dr. Pauly: Are the Oceans Jellifying?

Ask Dr. Pauly at page 13.

People notice jellyfish more these days – or is it the jellyfish that notice more people? In any case, more people are getting stung – a rash of rashes as it were.

Daniel Pauly once again talks about jellyfish and the possible causes of the outbreaks. Is it really because of global warming?

Visit Oceana to know more or click here to read the rest of the magazine.

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