06 March 2013

The secret of giving bad presentations

Communication is a basic and vital part of interpersonal relations. Yet while we do it every minute every single day, not everyone can be effective in getting their thoughts across. In settings such as seminars and conferences, the ultimate goal of a speaker is to successfully convey his ideas clearly to the audience. It is particularly challenging when a topic is technical, but thanks to technology, a visual presentation is now possible and is actually an essential tool for the modern speaker. Now the question is: how can you make your presentation effective?

The two C's to keep in mind are: clarity and conciseness. Graphs, for one, are easiest to use to show the relationships between at least two variables. But with so many chart types, which one should you use? With so much formatting options available, how would you best present your graph?

Graphs and other presentation essentials: what is the best representation?

Get a few tips on making your presentation visually engaging from UBC Fisheries Centre Professor and SeaLifeBase Project Principal Investigator Daniel Pauly as he talks about "Bad Grafs: an essential part of bad presentations".

Happy learning!

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