12 November 2012

Forage Fish: Strive to Survive

Bryde's whale feeding. Source

Dolphins and whales are emblematic marine predators. As top predators, the survival of marine mammals is dependent on the conditions of their prey, for example, forage fishes that are rich in oil like sardines, anchovies, and sand lances. These fishes are also the target of important fisheries, that is, about 33 percent of marine fish landings worldwide are composed of forage fishes. Thus, ensuring the sustainable management of forage fishes will also benefit the marine mammal populations relying on them for survival.

To learn more about the status of forage fish species and how the Pacific Fishery Management Council took a stand to support this, click here.

Written  by:
Patricia S. Yap
Research Assistant
The SeaLifeBase Project

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