08 February 2019

Q-quatics holds a mini-symposium

Q-quatics launches its year with a mini-symposium held at IRRI Training Center in Los Baños, Laguna last January 31. Local and international marine scientists shared emerging issues on fisheries: from (1) small-scale fisheries academy in Senegal, to (2) global assessment of exploited marine fisheries, to (3) a new analysis of global freshwater finfisheries, to (4) ballast water management, to (5) jellyfish-human relationship, to (6) the use of global databases as identification tools, and (7) the FAO global record of stocks and fisheries. If you're keen to know more about the symposium, you may read Mundus maris piece here

Participants, both local and internationalUPLB, UP Diliman, BFAR-NFRDI, NAST, National Museum, Haribon Foundation, RARE, ASEAN Center for Biodiversity, Amanpulo Resort, Oceana Philippines, Wetlands International and IRRIcontributed to a lively and productive discussion.

Cornelia E. Nauen, Q-Quatics Board of Trustee

Speakers: Top left to right: Dr. Maria Lourdes Palomares, Dr. Peter Sorensen, Dr. Benjamin Vallejo Jr.;
Bottom left to right:  Dr. Lucas Brotz, Mr. Rodolfo Reyes Jr. and Dr. Nicolas Bailly

This event became an avenue to conceive possible projects, form partnerships and strengthen existing ones with different organizations. These possibilities include the next steps inherent to the declaration of ASEAN being a "safe risk area" for international shipping, call for increased awareness in the importance of freshwater fisheries, conducting jellyfish population studies in the Philippines, and developing machine learning tools for fish identification.

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